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Why You Are Not Benefiting from Link building?

Why You Are Not Benefiting from Link building?

Are you sick and tired of doing link building campaigns with no result? You’re not out of luck. Link building will bring zero results of not being done the right way. See some of the link building practices you’ve probably been doing wrong.

You don’t adhere to guest blogging instructions

Every site has its special rules for guest posts, and it’s up to you to adhere to the instructions if you want results. For example, a site may require that you send your guest posts to a particular Gmail address. If you decide to send it to a Gmail address different from the one provided, your guest posts may not be acknowledged and published.

You don’t follow-up

After sending a link building campaign to your prospect, the most logical thing is to follow up on the campaign. The truth is you are not the only one who had sent a link building campaign to a particular site. Some sites get up to a hundred thousand campaigns every month. So it’s down to you to increase your response rate by following up on your request. Be polite and consistent with your follow-up, or you may get no result.

Your content lacks value

Websites offering back links are also on the lookout for values to give to their audience. You can’t just come up with something not relevant to their audience and expect a positive response. No, it doesn’t work that way. Research about their audience and create relevant content. Then, you will become successful with your Link building campaigns. Watch out for grammatical errors in your content. Make your content engaging and stay away from plagiarism.

Working without a result is really frustrating. But this doesn’t have to be you. These tips are proven link building strategies anyone can rely on.